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Spineflix offers a personalized subscription service that allows our subscribers to access audiovisual reproductions of medical content (hereinafter" Spineflix content") transmitted over the Internet through our website, app or links authorized by Spineflix (hereinafter"Spinflix Site")

These Terms and Conditions of Use are an agreement that relates Spinelix to you, our customer, with what governs your use of our different services. This Agreement governs the use of the websites, applications and embeddable video players operated by and owned by Spinelix. This includes all services and content of Spinelix.



By accessing the Spinelix Site, creating an account, watching videos, making a purchase, downloading our software or visiting or using our Services, you agree to these terms and conditions of use and consent to enter into a contract with us electronically.

If you are a legal entity, the natural person who registers the account or uses our Services must have the authority to bind the entity.

We may update this Agreement by posting an edited version on our website. By continuing to use our Services, you agree to the edited versions of the Agreement.





Access to the Spinelix Site and its content is international, although these terms and conditions of use, as well as any legal matters, will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the legislation of Spain and the European Union.



The User obtains access to the audiovisual content provided on the Spinelix Site at any time after purchasing a Subscription, and upon acceptance of the Agreement. The Service and its content may be altered, replaced, modified or updated in the future and published from time to time on the Spinelix website. Changes, modifications or updates to the content of the Service that do not change the general nature of the Service and changes in the appearance of the Platforms will not be considered as a modification of the Agreement or the Service.





Registration: You can create an account to use certain features we offer. To do this, you must provide an email address. By creating an account, you agree to receive notifications from Spinelix at that email address.

Organization accounts: Corporate, government, and other organization users must publicly display the legal name of their entity in their public account profile.

Age requirements: In order to access the Contents of Spinelix you must meet the age requirements applicable in your jurisdiction.

Delegated Users: Certain subscription plans may allow you to grant access to your account to other registered users ("Delegated Users"). You and all delegated users are deemed to be parties to this Agreement. You are responsible for the conduct of your delegated users and must monitor their access to and use of your account.

Account Security: You are responsible for all activity that occurs in connection with your account, including unauthorized activity, and it is therefore desirable that you protect the confidentiality of your account credentials, especially in the case of devices shared with others.

Marketing and transferred use: The Spinelix service and all content viewed through the service is for your personal and non-commercial use. Except in the cases so established (multiple subscription packages with delegated users), Spinelix content may not be shared with third parties, unless expressly authorized by Spinelix. You agree not to use our service for public exhibitions without the prior consent of Spinelix that you can acquire by contacting us through the means indicated on the website www.spineflix.com



The subscription of contents of spinelix allows unlimited viewing during the period of validity of the same. The subscription to Spinelix will continue until its conclusion. To use the Spinelix service, you must have access to the Internet and provide us with one of the authorized payment methods. Unless you cancel your subscription prior to the billing date, you authorize us to charge the subscription fee for the next billing cycle to your Payment Method as a subscription renewal.


We may offer various subscription plans, including subscriptions offered by a third party in combination with the provision of their own products and services. Some subscription plans may have different conditions and limitations, which will be discussed when you sign up or in other communications that you may view. You can find specific details about your Spinelix subscription by visiting our website.

The subscribed User will be charged an annual fee for such Subscription. In multiple subscription packages with delegated users, it will be the contracting user who will be responsible for providing the payment method and empowering whoever considers these delegations. The delegated user, just by the mere fact of being so, also accepts and must comply with these terms and conditions of use, as well as all matters concerning the subscribed user (legal notice, data protection, etc.).

Spinelix reserves the right to offer Users who consider a temporary trial subscription to verify the quality of our service and content. In other circumstances, Spinelix and the third parties with which it collaborates may offer the User free use of the Service for a certain period of time. A Trial Subscription can only be used if it has been authorized by Spinelix and the User has not been a User or has not made use of a Trial Subscription or any similar marketing offer in the last twelve months.

If the User has not terminated the Agreement during the free Subscription period, the Free Subscription will automatically, and without prior notice to the User, become a Paid Subscription. Accordingly, if the User does not wish to become a paid user, the User must terminate the Agreement during the free Subscription period.


If the User has purchased a Subscription through a third party and such third party offers a trial period, the terms and conditions for the trial period are determined by the third party and not by Spinelix.

Rate. Payments for the Service will be made in accordance with the price information available at any time on the Website or, where appropriate, in accordance with the prices charged by third parties under the User agreement with them.


Registry. Username and password

The registration of a user account may take place on the Website or through other services and social networks that Spinelix deems appropriate at any time. Along with registration through other services and social media, User information may be obtained from such services or social networks to create the User's account on Spinelix.

The User will be responsible for ensuring that the information provided at the time of registration is correct, including information obtained from other services and social networks and, if necessary, the User will update his user account with correct information. At the time of registration, the User may only provide information regarding the payment methods accepted by Spinelix that are the property of the User.

When registering, the User must provide a username and password (hereinafter the “Access Data”). The User's Access Data is for personal use and cannot be used by third parties. The User shall keep the Access Data protected against unauthorized access. You are responsible for all use of the Service that takes place through your account.

If the User suspects unauthorized use of his / her Access Data, he / she must immediately change his / her password. In the event that Spinelix has reason to believe that the Access Data has been disclosed or is being misused in any other way by any unauthorized person, Spinelix shall have the right to immediately suspend access to the Service or cancel the Agreement.

Spinelix shall have the right at any time to request that the User change his password and shall have the right to suspend access to the Service until the password has been changed.




Billing cycle. The subscription fee to the Spinelix service will be charged to your Payment Method on the payment date indicated on the page. The length of your billing cycle will depend on the type of subscription you have chosen when registering for the service, being annual by default.


Payment methods. To use the service you must provide one or more Payment Methods authorized by Spinelix. If your primary Payment Method is rejected or is no longer available for us to charge your subscription fee, you authorize us to charge you through any other Payment Method associated with your account. You will remain responsible for any uncollected amounts. If we are unable to collect an amount (for reasons such as the expiration of your Payment Method, lack of funds or any other reason) and you do not cancel your account, we may suspend your access to the service until we have collected the debt through a valid Payment Method. The issuer of some Payment Methods may charge you certain fees for items such as a foreign currency transaction or other charges related to processing your Payment Method. Local tax charges may vary depending on the Payment Method used. See your payment Method service provider for details.


Change your payment methods. You can modify your payment Methods through the web. We may also modify your Payment Methods based on the data provided by the payment service providers. After each modification, you authorize us to continue to charge you through the relevant Payment Method (s).



Cancellation. You can cancel your subscription to Spinelix at any time, and you will continue to have access to the service until the end of your billing period. Payments are non-refundable and we do not provide refunds or credits for partial subscription periods or for unviewed Spinelix content. To cancel your subscription, go to the website and follow the instructions for cancellation. If you cancel your subscription, your account will be automatically closed at the end of your current billing period.


Price and subscription plan changes. From Spinelix we can change our subscription plans and their price when we consider it appropriate. However, no price changes or changes to your subscription plans will take effect within 30 days of our notification.





The content available on the Spinelix Site is the property of Spinelix or with assignment of rights by its authors or license holders. If, for any reason, you are aware of any audiovisual available on the Spinelix platform that does not comply with this circumstance, you must inform us in the contact Email indicated on our website and at the foot of these Terms and Conditions of Use.


Contribution of users or third parties

If you intend to contribute content to the Spinelix site, in addition to having our approval, it must comply with the provisions of these terms and conditions of use, as well as respect all legality in terms of Content, Own or third party copyright, Privacy of people who may appear in the audiovisual, etc.

Spinelix is not responsible for the breach of these and any other issue that may threaten the goodness and legality of the audiovisual exposed.

If you choose to contribute Content, you must not share with Spinelix Content that does not comply with these terms of use or the law. The Content you upload may not include the intellectual or industrial property of third parties (such as copyrighted material), unless you have the permission of that third party or have the right to do so under applicable law (including through exceptions or limitations to copyright or related rights under European Union law). You are legally responsible for the Content you contribute to the Spinelix Service.

In the case of approval on the part of Spineflix of the content of the audiovisual aportases, in addition to what is stated in the previous paragraph, it will be Spineflix to decide the location of the audiovisual within the platform Spineflix, and may be in one or more of the portions of our service, whether direct visualization, to form part of the magazine Spineflix, participate in a block of audiovisual give way to a series or training course or the way that Spineflix deems most appropriate to your best advantage.

Rights you grant: You retain all proprietary rights to your Content. What belongs to you is still yours. However, you must grant certain rights to both Spinelix and other users of the Service, as set out below.

  • License to Spinelix. By contributing Content to the Service, you grant Spinelix a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable and sub-licensable license to use such Content (including to reproduce, distribute, modify, transform, display, communicate to the public and perform it) for the purpose of operating, promoting and improving the Service.
  • Duration of the license. The license granted to Spinelix will continue until your Content is removed. At that time, the licenses will terminate, unless the operation of the Service, the permitted use of your Content before it was removed or otherwise required by law.
  • Right to monetize. You grant Spinelix the right to monetize your Content on the Service in the manner Spinelix deems appropriate. Such monetization may include its appearance within sections of the Spinelix site for commercial purposes, advertisements in or next to the Content, or the charging of a fee to users to access the Content. This Agreement does not entitle you to any payment



Customer information

Spinelix may send notifications to the User by email, text message, postal mail, invoice or publication on the Website. Such notices may include relevant information in connection with the subscription/account, updates and modifications to the Service, changes to the Service or any relevant consideration. Notifications to the User shall be deemed received by the User immediately when sent by email or text message. Spinelix shall be deemed to have fulfilled its notification obligation by sending notifications to the email address, telephone number or postal address that the User has most recently provided to Spinelix, even though such address(s) is no longer used by the User or otherwise unusable.


Invalidity of provisions

In the event that any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use or any other provision of the Agreement is held to be unenforceable or invalid, such unenforceability or invalidity shall not affect or render invalid or unenforceable the remaining provisions of the Agreement, and the Agreement or that provision will be enforced to the extent permitted by mandatory law.



Refusal of consent

Failure by Spinelix to exercise any right or require the User to perform any obligation under the Agreement, as well as to take any action in response to a breach of the Agreement by the User, shall not be construed as acceptance by Spinelix of such breach or similar future breaches or otherwise affect Spinelix's rights under the Agreement.


Claims and litigation

If for any reason the User is not satisfied with the Service, the User may contact Spinelix to file a complaint. First, the parties may attempt to resolve disputes arising from the Agreement through an amicable settlement. In the event that the parties are unable to reach an agreement in this regard, the dispute will be resolved by the competent court subject to Spanish law, unless the applicable law in the User's home country is more beneficial to Spinelix. The User may also choose to file a complaint in the first instance with the competent public body for consumer complaints.


Contact information

The User can contact Spinelix as follows:


Email: info@spineflix.com


Updated: November 4, 2021

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